Clay Tile Roof Installation and Repair

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When You Need to Protect Your Home and Improve Your Property Values, Consider a Clay Tile Roof Installation.

Are you looking for a new roof material for your home that will provide great protection, as well as significant value? Roof systems made with clay roof tiles might be a smart option to consider, as they’ve been trusted to defend homes for centuries. If you want clay tile roof installation in Jacksonville, FL or the nearby areas, call our staff at RoofCrafters at 904-572-4647 to speak to an expert roofer! No matter what your roofing needs may be, you can count on our tile roofing contractors to help you! In addition to the professional installation services we also offer dependable clay tile roof repair to ensure that your home will be protected from storm and water damage in the future.

Advantages of a Clay Tile Roof Installation

In regards to value, many homeowners discover that the perks of installing clay roof tiles are well worth the initial cost. Immediately after installation, you can depend on clay tile roofs to be safe from mold, hail, rain, and even fire! Due to the way it is made, clay tile is even a green, sustainable roof solution. With a lifespan of over 80 years with proper care, clay tiles often come with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects them for up to 50 years! Improving your curb appeal as well as your property value in one installation is yet another benefit of a clay tile roof installation. In short, a clay tile roof not only looks fantastic, but it can also provide you with extra value to your home, unbeatable protection from roofing damages, and a lifespan of nearly a century.

Roof Ready for a Clay Tile Roof Installation

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If you’re thinking that a clay tile roof is the right choice for your property, give our crew a call at 904-572-4647 to get started! There is a reason clay tile roof solutions have been trusted for centuries, from the long-lasting beauty to the unbeatable protection. When you need clay tile roof installation in Jacksonville, FL, or any additional roofing services, you can rely on the experienced experts at RoofCrafters. Clay tiles do come in a variety of style as well as color options, so speak to a professional to find which one is right for your home.