Installation for Synthetic Roof Tiles

Synthetic Roof Tiles on a House

Synthetic Roof Tiles Provide the Appearance of Traditional Tile Roofing at a Fraction of the Cost.

If you are looking for an elegant roofing material that will protect your home from all types of storm damage, you might consider installing roofing tiles. Roofing tiles can be a great method for adding depth, strength, and protection to your home. Unfortunately, they can also add weight and cost to your roof. At RoofCrafters, we strive to provide a variety of materials to ensure that our customers get the right roof for their needs. This goal is the primary reason we offer synthetic roof tiles. Synthetic tile roofing can provide the same beauty and protection of traditional tiles, but without the heavy weight and substantial cost. When you want to know more concerning the benefits of synthetic roof tiles in Jacksonville, FL, call our experts at 904-572-4647 to schedule your consultation

Advantages of Synthetic Roof Tiles

Synthetic roofing tiles can be made from many types of material like fiberglass, acrylic, rubber, or PVC, and can outlast other roofing options like shingles, metal, and wood. Synthetic roof tiles provide protection against harsh weather including rain, hail, and snow, and protect against UV rays and high winds. The tiles can also be recycled at the end of their life which makes them an environmentally friendly option. Synthetic roofing tiles are extremely lightweight and need no bracing or reinforcement before installation. When installed by a knowledgeable roofer, your tiles can last longer than 50 years.

Roofer Installing Synthetic Roof Tiles

Our Staff Has Years of Experience Installing Synthetic Roof Tiles.

Do You Want to Install Synthetic Roof Tiles

At RoofCrafters, we strive for excellence with every roof service we perform. Our roofing specialists will evaluate your roofing system and offer viable options for every budget. We will help you determine whether you should tear off and start over, and we can offer advice on the material and installation procedures and times. For your new roof system, synthetic roof tiles are a sturdy, long-lasting option with immeasurable advantages. Their traditional design and top strength ratings make them an excellent choice for almost any home. To find out more about synthetic roof tiles in Jacksonville, FL, or to arrange your consultation, contact our roofing experts at 904-572-4647 today.