Slate Roof Installation

Roofer Completing a Slate Roof Installation

We Offer Professional Services to Complete Your Slate Roof Installation.

Is your house due for a better roof system or major upgrade in the near future? If you are looking to increase the longevity of your home by investing in a top quality roofing solution, we might have the ideal solution for you. Often considered one of the best home roofing materials on the market for quality as well as longevity, slate tiles are unbeatable in durability as well as beauty. If you are interested in discovering more about slate roof installation in Jacksonville, FL, give us a call now at 904-572-4647! We have been offering high quality slate roof solutions in this community for many years, and the roof contractors at RoofCrafters look forward to serving your home as well!

Why Choose a Slate Roof Installation

Within residential roofing, tiles are considered an impressive option, but slate tiles, in particular, are known to be the ideal type of tile you can decide on. Unlike any other tile roofing material, you can bet on your slate roofing to last for over 100 years in ideal condition. This is because unlike man-made tiles such as clay or concrete, natural slate is incredibly resilient, and can’t be duplicated in other materials. Due to its non-combustible properties, your slate roof system can save your roofing from fire, and as an added bonus, it is resistant to mildew growth too. If you choose RoofCrafters to help with your slate roof installation, we have a wide selection of designs and styles to choose from, that will provide value and curb appeal to your home for years to come.

Slate Roofing Tiles Ready for a Slate Roof Installation

If Properly Completed, a Slate Roof Installation Can Leave You with a Strong, Durable Roof.

Proper Slate Roof Installation Is Critical

As you can see, there are many benefits in deciding on a slate roof, but thanks to the complex nature of installing slate roofing, it is essential that you pick only an extensively qualified roofer to work with your investment. Slate roof systems are impressively durable, but even they are susceptible to extensive damages when poorly installed. This is why it is incredibly vital that you pick a professional contractor such as the ones you can find at RoofCrafters! Our servicesĀ for slate roof installation in Jacksonville, FL have been providing homes in our community with premium roof solutions for years! Call us at 904-572-4647 to learn more today.