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We Offer Installation Services for Several Different Types of Premium Roofing Shingles.

At RoofCrafters we are proud to offer our residential clients premium roofing materials that will not just enhance the appearance of their house, but give them deep-rooted security. From high-quality shingle roofing to impact resistant shingles, our certified roofers have the training and experience to install, fix, and maintain any type of premium roof. When you are looking to update the appearance of your home and are wanting to know more about superior roofing material, consider premium roofing for your house’s new roofing system. Get a high-quality roof that will bring lasting protection when you call our professional roofing contractors at 904-572-4647 for premium roofing in Jacksonville, FL.

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We want our clients to get the premium roofing of their dreams, so RoofCrafters provides a lot of services to choose from. Are you wanting to update your current roofing or have you been wanting to add more appeal to your house? Our premium roofing service is able to achieve these goals. Click on the pages below to learn more about the benefits of premium roofing in Jacksonville, FL, or contact our office at 904-572-4647.

  • Impact Resistant Roofing Shingles Impact resistant shingles are made to defend your roofing in all types of bad weather, even against large hail.
  • 3-tab Shingles Affordable, stylish, and resilient, 3-tab shingles are one of the most commonly used styles of residential shingles.
  • Wood Shake Shingle Roofing Wood shake roofs are loved for how wonderful they look, but they additionally need a significant amount of maintenance.
  • Slate Roofing In prime conditions, a natural slate roof is one of the longest enduring roofing materials on the market.
  • Architectural Shingles Laminate shingles, also mentioned as architectural shingles, are incredibly resilient and can provide your roof with notable protection.
  • Synthetic Shingles Syntheitc roofing materials provide the appearance of high-end roofing without the high price or maintenance requirements.
  • Roofing Tiles For an elegant roofing system that provides excellent protection from the weather, consider installing a tile roof.

There are many benefits that come from installing premium roofing materials on your house. These products have been uniquely manufactured to provide extra protection from a variety of storm damage, including damage from strong winds and large hailstones. Certain premium roofing products provide such strong protection that your insurance company may offer you a discount for installing them. In addition to being extra durable, premium roofing will increase your home’s curb appeal and increase your property values. In order to enjoy these benefits, it is very important for you to hire a reliable roofing company that is experienced in premium roofing installations and repairs. A poorly installed roof can result in premature failure and negate the strength of these roofing materials.

High-Quality Premium Roofing for Your Residential Property

Building with a Slate Roof

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Premium roofing can be yours today when you contact the professional roofing contractors at RoofCrafters for an updated roofing system for your house. Although our roofing company is primarily known for offering fantastic roofing services and products to their clients, client service is also a huge focus and something that is taken very seriously. Because our clients are a huge priority, we ensure that we go above and beyond for them, this is so we can exceed all of their roofing expectations. For a roofing company that is present for every step of the process and roofers their clients with exceptional roofing for their home and amazing customer service, choose RoofCrafters for your roofing contractors. Want premium roofing for your Jacksonville, FL residential property? Contact 904-572-4647 so one of our roofing contractors can schedule a practical appointment time for you.