Reliable Copper Roof Installation Services

Entrance Building After a Copper Roof Installation

A Copper Roof Installation Offers a Unique Aesthetic for Your Building.

Do you need a metal roof option that’s not only resilient but also a top of the line increase to your house’s curb appeal? Copper roofing is one of the most stylish of all metal roof options in the industry, particularly for suburban homes. Copper is considered a premium roofing material and a copper metal roof installation can significantly increase your home’s property value. When you ready to replace your home’s roof, contact RoofCrafters and inquire about our services for copper roof installation in Jacksonville, FL. If you already have a copper roof, our crew can help with your copper roof repair needs following the next big storm. Dial 904-572-4647 to schedule your next copper roofing appointment.

Why Choose a Copper Roof Installation

As we discussed earlier, copper roofing is, of course, considered a premium roof option, which means that a copper roof cost will generally be more than that of the traditional roof system. That price, however, brings long-term value, and a copper roof installation will hold that value for decades. This high-grade metal keeps up to 95% of its purchase value, which indicates that even if you get it scrapped and taken off, you’ll be able to take a significant amount of the investment back out of it. Touching on durability, you can rely on one of our copper roof systems to stand up to severe weather like hail, and you don’t have to make many requests for copper roof repair. Some metal roof systems are heavy; copper roofs aren’t. This means less wear and tear for your house’s structure. And as one of the best traits, aesthetically, copper roofing is likely to change as it ages. The older it gets, the more beautiful it looks, as it produces a blue or turquoise patina, similarly to the Statue of Liberty.

Building Receiving a Copper Roof Installation

We Offer Professional Services for Your Copper Roof Installation.

RoofCrafters offers several different types of copper roof installation services. If you have a large bay window in your home and would like to create a copper box roof or bonnet to increase the appearance of your home’s exterior contact our office right away. If your home or business has turrets or cupolas, we offer services to install copper roof turret and copper roof cupola caps.  Whatever you need for your copper roof installation in Jacksonville, FL, contact us at 904-572-4647.

Schedule Your Copper Roof Installation

A brand new copper roof installation is sure to offer your house a variety of beautiful looks over the years, along with unwavering protection. For a Professional copper roof installation in Jacksonville, FL, rely on the copper roofing contractors at RoofCrafters. If you are prepared to schedule service, or if you have any inquiries, you can speak with a specialist today at 904-572-4647. Whether you’re looking to install a complete copper roof, or merely replace the turrets on your home, we are here to help.