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We Can Install an Aluminum Roof on Both Commercial and Residential Structures.

There are many different metal alloys that are used for both commercial and residential metal roofing materials. One the more popular alloys is aluminum. Aluminum roofing materials are lightweight, easy to install and can be installed at an affordable price. When you are interested in installing a dependable metal roof on your home or business, contact the staff at RoofCrafters at 904-572-4647 and request aluminum roofing in Jacksonville, FL. All our aluminum roof panels have been purchased from the industry’s leading manufacturers and we strive to treat our customers with the finest customer service. Let us help with your aluminum roof repair and installation needs.

Aluminum Roofing Benefits

While considered a modern roofing material, aluminum has been listed a premium roofing material that provides the same level of protection copper or steel. One of the key characteristics of aluminum roofing materials is the fact they are resistant to rust and corrosion. This makes them the ideal choice for homes and business along the coast, where the air is full sea salt and humidity levels are higher. In addition to being rust-resistant, aluminum roofing is easily repaired if it gets damaged, and it provides excellent protection against wind and fire damage. You can also expect a boost in your energy efficiency, as aluminum is a reflective material that will not absorb the heat energy from the sun. If you choose to install an aluminum roof on your home or business, we recommend having it professionally coated to protect the appearance, as it will fade over time. Finally, aluminum roofs are available in several different styles, including standing seam and metal roofing shingles.

Commercial Aluminum Roofing Materials

Installing an Aluminum Roof Can Boost Your Energy Efficiency and Save You Money.

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When your commercial or residential roofing materials are in need of repair, perhaps you should consider installing aluminum roofing materials. They provide many different benefits for your building and won’t put extra strain on your budget. If you’re interested in upgrading your roof with an aluminum roof, contact the professionals at 904-572-4647. RoofCrafters provides professional installation for aluminum roofing in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas. As a business, we are dedicated to our customers, and we work hard to make certain each client installs the ideal roof.