Commercial Foam Roofing Applications

Metal Roof That Would Benefit From a Commercial Foam Roofing Application

A Commercial Foam Roofing Application Can Protect Your Metal Roofing Materials From Rust and Corrosion.

Are you hoping to improve your commercial roof with a more effective roof solution? For a system that offers easy installation, as well as a seamless composition, ask about our polyurethane foam roof systems. To make foam roofing, polyol is combined with isocyanate, which makes a liquid that is sprayed onto your roof and finished with a resilient topcoat. Created specifically for commercial roofs, this solution offers impressive leak protection because it is seamless, and increased UV protection because of its high shine. If you are considering in a professional application of commercial foam roofing in Jacksonville, FL, give RoofCrafters a ring at 904-572-4647 to discover more!

Is Commercial Foam Roofing A Smart Option?

Most commercial roofs are designed with multiple layers of roofing material, and then the seams are sealed in a variety of ways. While roof seams can weaken over time and allow water to seep through, that is no longer a problem when you choose commercial foam roofing solutions, as it is applied seamlessly. Foam coatings are additionally extremely flexible, which allows us to install around roof protrusions with ease, as well as adhere the spray to nearly any surface. As an additional bonus, these roofing systems require very little maintenance when compared to similar commercial roofing materials, along with being incredibly lightweight, and with correct installation, a commercial foam roofing system can last for 20 years or more!

Dependable Commercial Foam Roofing  Application

Close up of Commercial Foam Roofing Materials

Properly Applied Commercial Foam Roofing Materials Will Protect Your Building From Roof Leaks and Water Damage.

For an inexpensive and efficient option that can be installed in a short amount of time, we typically recommend foam roofing for commercial roof systems. This roofing system also provides improved energy efficiency for the building, which you can benefit from for the lifetime of the roof. Commercial Foam roofing effortlessly reflects sunlight with its white and glossy appearance, and this helps keep the A/C for your building working more effectively, which then lowers your energy bills. In fact, foam roofing can give you a yearly savings of up to 30% in energy costs. If you’d like to discover more about efficient commercial roofing solutions, contact us at 904-572-4647 and ask about our services for commercial foam roofing in Jacksonville, FL.