Built Up Roof Installation and Repair

Built Up Roof

A Built Up Roof is Resistant to Storm Damage and Water Leaks.

When it comes to our building’s roofing systems, we are always looking for a roof that is reliable, versatile, and incredibly durable. Having a history of being a reliable roofing system for business structures is critical, and luckily, built up roofing, or tar and gravel roofing, has a lot of legitimacy. Built up roofs have been around since the 1870’s and since then, have delivered exceptional security to educational, medical, and different office buildings around the world. Built up roof installation should always be managed by expert roofers. The roofing contractors at RoofCrafters  offer professional installation and repair services for your built up roof in Jacksonville, FL.  Give us a call at 904-572-4647 to schedule a preliminary inspection of your flat commercial roof today.

Long-Lasting Security with Built Up Roof Installation

After over 140 years in use, built up roofing systems have acquired a sterling name for dependability. Various commercial roofing materials establish claims about a long life, but none have a corresponding background. In cities around the world, companies continue to choose built up roofing as their ideal roofing material. The strength and resistance to inclement weather, fire, high winds, and rips that built up roofing supplies is mightily confirmed with this persistent use.

Much of a built up roof’s quality comes from the quality of its application. For professional installation in the local area, go with RoofCrafters. We know how to extract the most benefits from built up roofing's layers of tar bonds, felt, and gravel. Gravel protects the top level, while every tier of felt offers water protection and tar keeps the system together. For buildings that still use built up roofs, look at enterprises, schools, and medical facilities everywhere. For our part, RoofCrafters installs built up roofs that pass the ordeals of time. To achieve the best benefits for your money, rely on the professional labor of our team.

Flat Built Up Roof

We Offer Professional Installation Services for Your Built Up Roofing Needs.

Get Your Built Up Roof Repairs Today

A built up roof is an excellent choice for medical, educational and other buildings that have large flat roofs. This roofing material offers excellent protection against wind, hail and rain damage, and it is completely fire resistant. Whether you are looking to install or repair your built up roof in Jacksonville, FL, the staff at RoofCrafters is here to help. We work with the industry’s leading manufacturers to purchase the strongest roofing materials to ensure that the roof we install on your roof is going to last. Give us a call at 904-572-4647 to schedule your built up roof repair today.